Introductions, introductions…

How about starting on a Tuesday?

m11 embroidered-kimono Death by elocution

Ha! Not one of the best days of the week. Also, first posts are never easy…
Anyway, a hello is in order. So hello everyone! A new blog here.
One of my passions is opening my closet and creating a great new combination, and the other one is photography, yet here I won’t be the photographer most of the time.
I’d also like to show you my aesthetic, in this first time I write to you, through a few photos of a few other bloggers. I picked a photo for each season which comes really close to what I like to wear. Where I’m from, spring is all about light blazers. A bit rainy, a bit warm, that’s never a bad choice. Summer, we all love. Beach hair, long, light fabrics wrapped with no particular care, and colours, as many as you like. Autumn is always enveloped by some lovely rain, and definitely lovely ankle boots and the start of scarf season, then winter is mostly snowy, which makes great coats and boots and huge scarves so necessary it makes me love even the biting cold.
Hope you’re not tired of new fashion blogs coming from all over! I find them fascinating, and love how everyone can show us so many different things with the same clothes, same materials, same cuts and colours and shapes.

Thank you for reading this if you did, lovely stranger, and I hope to see you around again.



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