Birthdays are for polka dots.

Hi everyone!
Another Tuesday, another post.


So since it was my birthday a couple weeks back, I wanted to share with you what I wore. I am going to start with the dress, a ton of polka dots which I love for the summer time even though it’s got long sleeves. Who cares, as long as there’s a nice breeze around. The bag is an all time favourite and I love it because even though it’s a little bag, all the essentials that you need for a day fit well inside. I like to put a lot of effort in the tiny details like the cuff earring, rings and this kind of stuff but I like to go minimal on that. And now the shoes/sandals! I love them so much. The height is very comfortable, and the best part is that they belonged to my mother which makes them even more special. I like to wear them with cute socks because I just love the way it looks and since I had a polka dot dress I wore plain white socks. I celebrated my birthday twice, once with friends then with my family, getting two cakes which were too good not to show you all.

Dress and bag: Mango
Shoes: My mother’s closet? Yes!
Ear cuff: Six 

Cakes baked by my mother and sister, and the truffles from the lovely ladies at Ëmbëlso.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next week,

IMG_4782 IMG_4783 IMG_4786 IMG_4775 IMG_4793 IMG_4806 IMG_4731IMG_4770


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