Who I am and why I am here.


So this week a day earlier and a bit different. I saw this post from wordpress about taking some classes about learning how to be a better blogger, so I can learn about a few ways to improve my blog. Now you will see posts every day for about 3 weeks! Exciting, but it also takes a bit of work. So for today is going to be all about who I am and why I am here. I am just another fashion blogger, a 17 year old girl from a little place in Europe called Kosova. As you may have read in my Introduction post, one of my main hobbies is fashion and photography. (If you have not read that post, and are interested, follow this link.) Since fashion is one of my main hobbies I thought about making a blog all about fashion. So one of the questions on the assignment was why I blog publicly. I decided to blog publicly because we don’t have many fashion bloggers (an increasing number though, yay!) in my country and I was thinking about whether I should start a blog or not during the last few months, so I decided to do it just because I have a thing for fashion. So that’s the topic this blog is going to be about mostly. I don’t really know if my blog will be successful or not but for now it will suffice to hope so. Though success means something different for everyone, of course, and to me it means having loving and lovely people reading, be it four or four hundred, however many find inspiration here, as I have found in many, many blogs around.



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