You can never go wrong with Dungarees.


Even though I posted something this week it was not about fashion. Much.
Today is the fourth day of Blogging 101 and the assignment is about identifying with my audience. So I am going to do a throwback to when I thought about opening a blog in February. I know we all could not wait for summer to begin but this post is going to be all about what I wore to a dinner with my family (nothing fancy), and this outfit can be worn in summer too. Without the coat or the huge scarf, of course. Or the boots. Or the… Well, basically you could wear the dungarees with the top. But not if it’s midday and too hot, because the top’s got long sleeves. Oh, forget it. I just really love dungarees, you see. They are easy to style and always look good. Usually I don’t like ripped jeans (too overdone, in my opinion) but I did love these ones, maybe because the ripped parts are a bit more subtle, and they’re somewhat boyfriend-ish. And of course I also love stripes. All kind of stripy things, and I am all in. The coat is this simple black coat that you can wear with everything; it is super comfortable and it makes you feel warm in those cold winter days. Oh, and I absolutely adore the red line! The winters are pretty cold where I come from. We all know we can never go wrong with Doc Martens, even though these ones are not original, they are very comfortable and I really love them. As you can see the bag is just a black simple backpack that fits quit a lot.
Hope you enjoyed this post even if it was all about winter.
See you in the next 101,

Dungarees: Pimkie
Top: Mango
Bag: David Jones
Coat: Collezione
Scarf: Zara

Cinnamon rolls baked by my sister.

P.S. I have decided that for the love of food that I have in every post I am going to putt a photo of a meal I ate or something I made with my family at home.IMG_3466 IMG_3470 IMG_3472 IMG_3479 IMG_0947


  1. Winter coats are a challenge. I default to black because it’s going to match just about anything, and it’s hard to go wrong with a nice, classic, black coat. But, winters can be long and the black gets awful tiring after a while. That red piping really adds some life to basic black.

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