DIY sugar scrub.


Another class in Blogging 101. Yesterday’s task was to be friendly to other bloggers and comment in the posts that we like. Aside from fashion, I really like food blogs so I stumbled upon a lot of them, and loved them very much.But today’s task is to make a post and tell how they inspired me. This is not about food per se, but all that food inspired me to tell you how I make my body scrub step by step. I really like this scrub because first of all it makes my skin look great AND feel great! Also first of all it was a gift from my friends, which I absolutely adored! It is not hard to make and it is very cheap.  What I use for this body scrub first of all is olive oil. You may think Ugh! olive oil, that is what I thought, but I know that olive oil is very good for your skin, and works wonders as a scrub ingredient. It acts as a moisturiser especially for dry skin, it ensures that the skin remains smooth, and the texture in the end result is amazing. After you put the oil in a container you add the sugar. I used brown sugar because it is good for, well, everything. It helps to hydrate your skin and also moisturizes, but the best of the best is that the grains are like tiny massages. After you combine the oil and the sugar, you are left with adding ingredients that mainly improve the aroma, so feel free to add whatever you like most, and whatever helps you relax. I used orange zest and cloves in this version, but you can use lime or lemon zest as well. So combine the orange zest and the cloves in your container with the sugar and olive oil, and leave it to stay overnight at least before use so each ingredient starts to work its magic. There you have it, the easiest body scrub (probably) in the universe!

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
The zest of an orange
Some cloves.


P.S. This is for a small container, so you can rearrange the measurements for a bigger container.

IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5322


  1. I love what you’ve done! This is definitely a scrub that I will give a go.. A wonderful gift idea as well, if you don’t mind me pinching it 😃

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