I talk a lot about green.

A bit greener today. I love a bit of greenery, I always did. I always want to go and visit the mountains so I decided to take these photos in my neighborhood were you can find a lot of green, mainly pines. Lovely. I decided to wear my favourite shorts which if you’d ask me I would never take off. They are very comfortable and I love that they are, you guessed it, green! The only flaw they have is that they get wrinkly super fast, buuuut I guess I can live with that. My shirt has got a lovely lacy detail and the little bow and the buttons behind, but my favourite part about it is that it used to be my grandmother’s. She wore it when she was young, then gave it to my mother and now me. These sunglasses my mother bought them for me as a gift when I finished primary school and got accepted in high school. My tote, this one is one of my favourite totes I own. It was made by the Roma community and has 4 photos of a little boy running. I just think it’s very beautiful. As for my shoes I am wearing red converse with simple white socks. Also as you can see in my hand I have 4 rings that I never take off. I can say this was my favourite summer outfit. Sooo comfortable! Also you can style it with a different bag or different shoes and still it will look amazing, day or evening.

Sunglasses – Six
Shirt – My grandmas
Shorts – Mango
Socks – Waikiki
Shoes – Converse

P.S. I have decided not to post a photo of a meal in every post because I’m doing monthly cooking/baking posts.


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