Old Treasure


This week I thought to do a throwback post, so I am going to throw it back to 2013, the year that I had my prom. In 2013 I had long hair and I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, so I thought to make it as simple as I can and I decided I wanted curls. I always had straight hair, and as a rule, obviously, always wanted curls. When I went to the hairdresser he said that curls would look good but since I have thick hair they won’t be able to stay like that for long, and I’d be back to straight locks halfay through the evening at most. So he did this amazing braid that I was very anxious about in the begining but later loved it. It was weird and new and did I mention weird?

I think it is not always important to have designer and expensive dresses.I had an idea of how I wanted my dress to look like for a while, so I wanted to buy the fabric and send it to be sewn for me. The thing was that the fabric of the lower part is an old curtain fabric that had been in the store for some time. Undamaged, of course. Which made it all better for me. And I loved how it turned out! As for the jewelry, I didn’t go overboard. I had simple black studed earrings, a simple black rose bracelet and a black cameo rose ring. In 2013 I was 15 years old and I did not want a lot of make-up or very high heels. So my make up was done by the awesomely-badass make-up artist I am lucky to be related with, Gabi Pallaska, and she is amazing at what she does so she did not use a ton. None of us wanted me to look 35 when I was 15. The shoes I wore were black Mary Jane heels. I just wanted to look good and not overdo it. I was and I am very happy with how it turned out.

Ring – Six
Shoes – Patrizia Rigotti

11263685_971239462919862_1679885999_o 11874950_971239446253197_1691546109_o 11877690_971239376253204_186739884_o 11879651_971239456253196_1998654294_o 11886272_971239436253198_1234169810_o 11895414_971239439586531_994489901_o 11900655_971239442919864_190708183_o 11914045_971239339586541_1695425698_o 11923522_971239402919868_1010771857_o

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