Sometimes I want to be Scottish.


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A day later, I know, I’m sorry. Whenever I’m late and I have to rush out of the house I find it easier to style a dress. This way I look good and I’m ready faster than usual. I love a pattern on a dress, and one of my favorite is definitely tartan. So timeless! So pretty! Any tartan really, but there’s something about this pattern and red that’s just something else. This one is a casual dress that you can wear during the day or night with the right accessories, plus for me it has the perfect length. I adore tote bags (I own sooo many!) and this one is my favourite at the moment since it is a recent purchase. The saying on the tote means a lot for my country becauseif we want to travel, we are required to have a visa. Anywhere. Can you imagine that, world? As for my shoes, I adore them. They have a higher platfrom than my usual shoes but that doesn’t make them any less comfortable. Vagabond is definitely one of the best places to buy shoes. They have this sleek, timeless style, and I have to look away from the shop window, or I’ll go in and buy a new pair. Ha! I’m kidding. But not really. (Okay, this is 80% true.)

Oh, and this outfit can totally be converted into a back-to-school outfit with flats or a pair of Converse, right? Since I don’t prefer wearing platforms or heels to school. Maybe you do? Tell me what you prefer and why, so we can see the pros and cons of each choice!

Dress – Mango
Bag – DokuFest
Shoes – Vagabond
Sunglasses – Six


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