Summer Favourites


Something different today! I wanted to show you my summer favourites, the things I used the most this summer and the things that made my days better. These things are very affordable and have a very good quality. First of all the thing that I used all summer long and still have tons left is the Nivea Body milk. This body milk makes my skin feel very good and fresh. I used it a lot when I was on my vacations by the sea side. A plus side of this is that it has an amazing smell and also is the right consistency so it spreads easily on the skin.

Next is Rimmel Mascara that makes my lashes look longer. This is my favourite mascara until now, even though I just started using make up like a year ago and I still don’t do a full make up look; just the lips and my lashes. But I like this Rimmel one since it has a very thin brush that is perfect for me. My favourite lip balm was the Eos summer fruit. I really like it because it gives great moisture and has strawberries, blueberries and peaches. Awesome smell alert!

I also really liked the Body Shop strawberry lip butter which has a very summery scent just like the Eos. Very refreshing.

As for those perfumes, I really liked the Zara White. It really has an amazing flowery scent that I’ve been using for quite some time now. It’s got an amber and musk base, with a heart of magnolia, pepper, ginger and jasmine. The Victoria’s Secret Secret Charm is a mist (apparently that’s a thing), which has got honeysuckle and jasmine as main ingredients. Something about jasmine here, you see, both my favourite perfumes have it. I’ll have to get the actual flower somewhere, I guess…

Noooow those lovely, lovely books! I don’t want to get carried away talking about my irreplaceable love for them, but I put them there because I read them this summer, as I can’t imagine letting a season go without reading. Especially summer. Want to kill me? Take my books away. Haha, joking. Almost. *sigh*

Anyway, hope some of you people can share your summer essentials with me as well, if you find this post somewhere between the whirlwind that the world wide web is. It really does deserves the term world wide, I guess…

Happy September!

IMG_5561 IMG_5588 IMG_5593  IMG_5632IMG_5607


    1. I ready the Harry Potter series a couple of times and I really love them as for the Hobbit I just read it and I loved it a lot as well. Now I want to start reading the Lord of the Rings. 🙂


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