Why do I write?

After finishing my assignment in Blogging 101, I saw that Writing 101 was going to happen. I got very exited and wanted to join because I really enjoy writing. I’m here because I really love fashion and starting a blog made me realise that I really enjoy writing a lot as well. I did not know and did not think that anybody would read what I write and I did not think that I would love it this much. I’m not really the greatest writer or anything but I like it because I just feel good when I write. I feel like the real me since now fashion and writing are my two favourite things. I can’t wait for the time of the week that I have to write my post. I never wrote anything much before this and I never was good at it, but I do like to read, and that has probably been one of the key things that has led me to find writing so attractive.
Why do I write… Because I enjoy it, it is as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, to be honest I am sure there is something more, like the fact that I can put my thoughts to words in a manner that is a bit different to talking, or how much fun it is when the perfect words come ringing right into your mind and flow through your fingers without strain or struggle. Such a lovely feeling!
What the rest is, I am very eager to find out in the future, while I continue to feel connected to other people, all of you who read this, and all of you bloggers whose blogs I read in return.

Just random people writing… Random really there is inspiraton right there.

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