Prishtina’s First Flea Market


For today in Writing 101 we have a one word prompt. When I saw the word treasure it reminded me of all the amazing clothes that my mother owned and which I can now use. They are a very meaningful little treausures for me. So I instantly went and wore one of my mother’s shirts, went out and took picures of it (which I wore on Saturday).

Everyone knows a little bit about flea markets. In the city where I live there was never a flea market before this one. This is the first one I went to and I really loved it. It was organized by some lovely, lovely bloggers from my country and it was quite a success judging by the amount of people that showed up. So in general I really did enjoy this Saturday. The flea market was full of shirts and skirts and dresses and a ton of other things, and it was organized in the best place in town. Dit’ e Nat’ is the best café in my opinion to hang out with friends. I’m not going to talk a lot about my outfit because you can see more of that on the second part of this post that is going to be posted tomorrow. I really hope another flea market like this is going to be organized again soon. I did buy something out of it and I can’t wait for the colder days to wear it and show it to you guys as well. Oh, and they also did henna tatoos! So very pretty too! I did very much enjoy it and I really hope I will be atending other flea markets to come. Ones like this one, please. Thank you.


P.S. Be sure to check out my favourite bloggers from where I come, the ones that made the market happen. They have such lovely posts and photos, and don’t get me started on the style. Cheers, girls! Hope to see you around again! xx

11774806_10206615458559081_1340249185_n 11780530_10206615460319125_1662533982_n 11950915_10206615450838888_10239168_n 11992555_10206615450598882_280323580_n 11997165_10206615450038868_1966034891_n 11997442_10206615449078844_150797796_n 11997867_10206615449798862_1391551614_n IMG_5649


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