Baushtelle Balkan Temple


I know that for today’s Writing 101 we have to write something based on a picture that we should choose from the task, but I really wanted to continue the post from yesterday. The post says that I have to find inspiration in a photo. But on Saturday I found inspiration nearly everywhere. So I’m choosing to talk about the city at night since this part of the post is all about my city at night and the performances of Baushtelle. Baushtelle’s main point, upon which every performance was based, was “What do you belive in?” as a tool to understand and be understood. I really liked most of the performances but my favourite bit was an installation called “I belive in childhood”. It was full of balloons and was very cute to watch. It looked a lot like the balloons in the animated movie “UP”, and I would watch that movie all day really.  I just really enjoyed it probably because it kept reminding me of my childhood. Also they had live music which was very good and also very interesting because the guitar player, who had a performance of his own, was playing on the roof.  So this is what I’m writing about today, these are the things that really inspired me. So as you may have read in yesterday’s post, this and the flea market where held on the same day so it was a day full of activity and inspiration.
So on to my outfit, this shirt was my mother’s. I know, amazing right? I found it one day while I was searching in her closet and I loved it. It is very colourful and fun and as you can see, and full of flowers. I am also wearing plain slim black jeans and my favourite and most recently purchased shoes that I absolutely love. And this bag, I am really thankful that I have. I really can’t get it off of my shoulder except for school, of course, (actually, I would take it with me if I could). As for my sunglasses, I really like them, but don’t wear them enough because of the hot pink colour but that does not stop me from wearing them every time I can so I get as much use from them as I can. I really love their shape though. This is it really, I just enjoyed the day with this comfortable outfit, and brilliant around the city.

Shirt – Vintage
Pants – Mango
Shoes – Vagabond
Bag – Parfois
Sunglasses – H&M


P.S. If you are visiting Belgrade on the 12th of September or Zurich on the 19th you can visit Baushtelle’s lovely performances and see for yourself.
For more information check their website or facebook page

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  1. Great article and pictures 🙂
    I have a suggestion : If you break down the chunk of text into smaller paragraphs–it will be easier for all readers including me to follow 🙂

    Do it if your instinct also says so.
    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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