When in Tiranë.


As soon as it started getting colder, I started getting into a very autumnal mood. By that time my school scheduled a school trip to Albania for 5 days. So I packed all my summer clothes since the weather there was still very sunny and warmer than here, and I immediately fell in love with summer and great weather all over again. We stayed for 5 days in a hotel in Durrës but every day we visited different cities, saw beautiful buildings, sites, and had quite a bit of fun.

One of my favourite trips was in the capital city of Albania, Tirana. The weather was nice, so I got to wear shorts but except that, the city was beautiful. My friend took a lot of amazing pictures of me and so I thought I’d make a post of the whole thing. I love these dungarees and I wore them a lot this summer. This is one of the ways I like to see them worn. These dungarees are super comfortable even though I have no idea where I got them since my sister wore them long before me and since I had them, I didn’t want to spend money buying new ones. Hey, they were in perfect condition and I really like that they are vintage. As for the top I really like stripes. I do have a lot of stripy things in my closet and I really like the way they go together. My bag is a Longchamp-looking bag, and I thought it’d be one of the safer options out of all the bags I own. And of course I do love my Converse because they go lovelily (not even a word, I know, but it should be, right?) with every outfit and they are just simply amazing.

There was this place in Tirana where they sent a part of the Berlin’s wall. Definitely one of the highlights of my day. As you can see I have a little bun going on there and I really liked this style because it’s so easy,  it looks very nice, and you can go out in no time at all. My rings are all from one of the best local silversmiths, Krenare Rakovica. She makes incredible silver jewelry, filigree, and are all of them are obviously handmade, and with great care at that. Filigree is one of the traditional crafts where I come from, but she’s taken it to a whole other level working with more contemporary shapes as well as the traditional ones.

It was an amazing trip even though it did put me in a very summery mood and when I came back home, it meant I came back to the cold and the rain, to a very autumn-y weather very fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but now I really can’t wait for snow, Christmas, and December.

Shirt – LC Waikiki

Shorts – Vintage

Shoes – Converse

Rings – Krenare Rakovica


DSC09093 DSC09098 DSC09104 DSC09108 DSC09111 DSC09114 DSC09118 DSC09138 DSC09152 DSC09197 DSC09156

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