City corners


A couple of weeks ago I saw a photo on Pinterest that gave me the inspiration for this post. I really love Pinterest for everything especially the inspiration that you can find there. Should be called Pinspiration, or Pinspire or something, haha.

Walking around my city to find interesting places to take pictures, I came across this wall with the lovely green ivy and the haunting No-Face(-ish), Kaonashi from Spirited Away, graffiti, who was about to become me. Okay, guess it’s Bad-Joke-Monday.

Anyway, we tried taking a few photos there and we loved it so decided to take more. I really like to tie bandanas around my neck. I have several colours of them but what I really love is the pattern. This white shirt has got the perfect shape and cut, so the sleeves have a beautiful arc toward the body.

I don’t usually like denim on denim but this time I actually sort of loved it. The jacket suits this kind of weather since it is still quite warm. November, I know. Should be cold and rainy, or snowy. Can’t wait for snow! It has a lot of pockets which is one of the first things I look for in a jacket. Oh, and I adore the pattern! The white stripes add a wonderful touch to it. The jeans are very comfortable, and I got them because of the shape mainly. Also I really love the colour since it is a bit faded. Something to do with aged looking new clothes these last few years…

As for my shoes, I decided to wear my amazing high top Adidas. They are the most comfortable shoes I own and I really like the shades of blues. I also took a dark red bag similar to the one on a post before which was black. (Yes, I have two of the same bag but in different colours. Isn’t that just perfect?) I like it because it has room for a lot of things. I liked how this outfit turned out, but I also loved the background. What’s a lovely hidden corner of your city that you can think of?

Jacket – Pull and Bear
Shirt – Mango
Jeans – Mango
Shoes – Adidas
Bag – David Jones

Have an amazing week roaming your cities, towns, and countries.

IMG_75424 5 6 7 9 IMG_7518 IMG_7519

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