A walk in the park


The past days in my city were very beautiful. I really can’t wait for the streets to be covered with snow though! We had a bit of snow, but it melted rather quickly, which made me a little sad. That beautiful weather inspired me to wear this clean white turtleneck that reminds me of snow, since it is white, very soft, and very warm. I found it in my mother’s closet and I was lucky too, since I really wanted a white turtleneck just like this one. I really love it and since it is mum’s it has a lot of meaning too.

If you read my other posts you have seen these jeans. I wear them again and again since black jeans are a must on everybody’s closet. I also love the way they look with this turtleneck. In the beginning I did not love it all that much, but it was only until I tucked the turtleneck in the jeans and made it much better. The amazingly huge scarf that I’m wearing is the best purchase ever. How can one not love it?! It has got a beautiful pattern that looks very minimal, it is huge as you can see, and it is just like a blanket, incredibly soft and keeps you warm wherever you go.

Now this bag is a bit out of my comfort zone but I love it just as much as my other ones regardless. It is huge and has a lot of space for your stuff. It’s out of my comfort zone because I don’t usually wear handbags. As you’ve already seen, in most of my posts I have backpacks, small and large as well. I still really, really like it. I usually don’t wear my hair up but I really liked it with this outfit. There’s something about a ponytail that shows of a turtleneck, right? Or is it just me? And I also added a little red ribbon to give it a feeling of Christmas and the holidays in general since it is that time of the year (my absolute favourite time!)

I left the best for last. These amazing shoes. I just adore Dr Marten’s since… Okay, how many reasons do you want? I feel like I could go on for ages! Centuries! Millennia! EONS! I’ll stop now. You can style them with skirts, dresses, jeans, literally everything. And I love this colour too. So for this outfit they were the lovely pop of colour, which almost always makes it all better.

Jeans – Mango
Scarf – Zara
Shoes – Dr.Martens
Coat – Collezione
Bag – Zara



  1. Used to wear black jeans to work every day! My coworkers thought I was wearing black dress pants. Apparently they weren’t very observant! Had several pairs which I kept cleaned and pressed for work. Didn’t wear the ripped out ones like they wore. Probably why I ended up being promoted into a management position! Still wore my comfortable jeans each day.

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