Build up to Christmas.


It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the year!

I couldn’t wait to set up my Christmas tree! The atmosphere around the house is very cozy, so warm, and lovely, and you can smell all the spices especially in the evening when everyone comes home. Sitting next to the tree and drinking tea is the most amazing thing ever. This one is not an actual real tree, but still looks amazing and is quite tall but we put it on a crate so it looks even bigger and also so there’s space underneath to put all the presents in the coming days.

While I decorated I wanted to wear very comfortable clothes and what is better than PJ’s. These PJ’s are the most comfortable thing ever! They are very soft, warm, and cozy. I really can’t take them off and I feel very good wearing ‘em. Who can resist that amazing tartan pattern?! Right from the first moment you see them you can associate them with Christmas. A thing that makes them even better are the pockets which is definitely one of the things I look for in PJ’s.

I paired these PJ’s with this amazing new, snowy white jumper. I have been loving a white jumper for so long now and I finally own it. It is the best one ever; the colour is amazing and also the fabric. It has the softest fabric ever! Snowy (yes, I will say that ten more times), soft, and warm.

I love this outfit but the thing that makes it more fun are the Rudolph slippers and the reindeer antlers.
The slippers are so good. It feels like walking barefoot around the house but in the same time having warm feet. Uhm, hello perfection! And aren’t they the cutest thing ever? I thought I’d put on the deer antlers to make it more festive and just make everything cuter. Antlers up if you agree!

Jumper – Primark, Berlin
PJ’s – Primark, Berlin
Slippers – Primark, Vienna
Antlers – Nanu Nana, Galeria Baltycka, Gdansk


P.S. I would love to see your Christmas trees so either tag me on your pictures or use the #hintsofindigochristmas so I can find them easier.



    1. Not at all! But I have to turn the nose off sometimes, or people get confused and frightened as to why my whole face is lit in red too. Like telling ghost stories with a red flashlight. 😛


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