Who mentioned New Year’s Eve?

It’s almost 2016!
One of the best holidays that I celebrate. In my family we celebrate New Year just like other people celebrate Christmas. We make an amazing dinner with turkey and everything and have a wonderful time, for which we get all dressed up. I wanted to share two ideas that can maybe help you for an amazing outfit. And because I never did two outfits in a post I thought I would do this for you guys like a little present J, if you will.

The first one is a more of a party outfit or just a fancier one that you can wear at a dinner that you have with your family on New Year’s Eve, or a party you’re attending. I really love this dress and I wore it so many times I don’t even know. It is like a silky fabric that flows very nicely and I really like the colour a lot since it’s yellow, but not too yellow, I swear. A good, solid colour, and the collar is very cute. The back of the dress has a little open part that is very cute as well. The shoes are a pair of my favourite shoes ever since they are the perfect Mary Janes. They have a rather high heel but are the most comfortable things ever. I decided to wear all this with a pair of black tights since I thought it would look better.

P.S. I can’t wait to open that present!


Wearing: Dress – Mango | Shoes – Vagabond

For the second outfit I decided to keep the same shoes but I wore a more casual outfit if you don’t feel like wearing a dress or just don’t like it, or maybe you have to change your look very quickly. I wore my favourite black jeans because I think you can wear them up for an occasion or down for a simple day out. Comfortable and made to suit everything. I paired them with this amazing loose polka dot shirt that looks and feels amazing and makes the whole outfit a little fancier. Also you can wear this outfit with a heavier make up or a lighter one like I did, some dull gold sparkly eye shadow and amazing red lip that would look very festive, this time a L’Oreal lipstick.

Wearing: Shirt – H&M | Jeans – Mango | Shoes – Vagabond

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