First of all Happy New Year everyone. As my first post of 2016 I thought I’d do a post about what I got for New Year, since we exchange gifts. I did get quite a lot of gifts which I was happy about, but what was more important was the fact that I had the best time with my family for New Years Eve and I hope you guys did to.

As you may know if you read my blog before Mango is one of my favourite shops. I really like the stuff they have. For this New Year I recived something I was not even expecting and it was this envelope bag/clutch that I wanted right from the moment I saw it on store. I was very happy about this since it’s a very versatile bag.

Also I got this little red makeup bag which has the same material as the bag. I really wanted something like this since I always have my lipstick or mascara somewhere in my bag and I can never find it when I need it. So, this solves my problem.

When I saw this gift wraped I had no idea what it was. I unwraped it and it was this beautiful leather case for glasses. This has a very nice material, and it’s very handy.

So one of the best gifts was this amazing Burberry perfume that I did not think my family would get for me. In my opinion, it is the best perfume I have ever seen. This perfume has the most amazing scent of a beautiful, well kept garden. Also the packaging and bottle are simply amazing.

Something that I really loved were these socks, since I find printed socks amazing and also very useful. I love these elf ones but my favourite were a pair of stormtrooper socks that I already wore.

Next is a thing I wanted for a long time but was very hard to find where I live. It’s a very useful simple mason jar cup that I love and already used it a lot.

This next gift was this creme hat, that I never told anyone I wanted. I have a black one that I wear a lot, so I definitely will be wearing this one too.

Also since I really love reading I got this book from Dostoyevsky that I heard so much about.

Since we decorated the tree with red and white baubles. I got something very special that was this bauble that my mother got me.

Something that my little sister got for me was this amazing t-shirt with little french bulldogs all over it and I love it. Even though it’s winter and cold I wore it already around the house.
I got another T-shirt that I love since it has minions on it. The material is very nice as well.

The last gift I got were these two pairs of pajama bottoms that are very Christmasy and cozy to wear.

Also I wont forget one of my main presents. My sister got me a ticket to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens that I loved.

I am very  grateful for all these presents, but do not forget the holiday season is about giving, not getting.




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