Listen to this T-Shirt


Hi everyone!

This week I’m going to show you what I like to wear with my black winter hat. Usually when I wear a hat, I like to have a very simple outfit.

4513711108 I’M WEARING  >>  Top : H&M | Jeans: Mango |  Cardigan: H&M |  Shoes: Dr Martens |  Bag: Parfois

First of all the hat is special since it is my Mother’s (again). I love her old clothes, and this piece we actually had around the house and I never knew! Talk about not seeing things right under your nose!

The T-shirt I’m wearing is one of my favourites, and one of the maaany Beatles ones we have. One of the reasons I love the shirt is because of the message written in the back, and also, needless to say, because John Lennon and, of course, The Beatles that are one of my favourite bands.

The cardigan is a recent purchase, very wintery, yes. It is long, soft and very warm. How can one not like an oversize soft cardigan with huge pockets?!

On to the jeans. I wear them a lot and they are in a few blog posts already, but I can’t not wear them I just feel very comfortable on them and they are the best jeans I’ve had until now.

This bag is something you’ve seen before as well, but it is amazing. It is chic and also has a lot space for things. I could fit the whole camera in there and still have space for the rest of the things I needed.

My favourite part of the outfit as always are my shoes. I wore a pair of black 14 eye Dr Martens that nobody can help but love!

Hear you soon,

P.S. There’s a similar hat to this one at ASOS

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