Snowy days

IMG_9832   This year there weren’t very many snowy days and I really love snow. When snow started falling last week I was really happy and absolutely loved it!


I’M WEARING  >>  Jumper : New Yorker  | Jeans: Mango |  Scarf : Defacto |  Shoes: Planika |  Bag: Berlin | Beanie : H&M | Coat : Mango

I wanted to show you how I like to style a beanie hat since they are my favourite winter hats and I wear them all winter long. I got this beanie as a gift last year and I love everything about it, its fabric, the shape, the colour.

I paired it with this amazing coat that is very warm, it has that sort of itchy texture that makes you very warm and cosy. Also I love the shape it has. And of course I wore my black jeans as always. A definite must for your wardrobe.

Also for some more colour I wore this amazing blanket scarf that keeps you very warm and with a lovely pattern that is rather festive, and it might be a little bit late for festive fabrics, but who cares as long as they give you that comfortable feeling of home and lights and gingerbread. Yes, I would say that tartan feels like gingerbread. Doesn’t it? Also I wore these winter hiking shoes that I always wear during winter time (even though I don’t really hike, but oh well) since they keep your feet very warm and are very appropriate for winter days. And to hike. Which I’d love to.

As for my jumper I wore a grey one since I thought dark red and grey would make a lovely combination. Also I tucked it in my pants a bit since I really like the way that looks. Hope you do too!

Hope you have had a lovely January, and hope your February’s even better.


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