A Sunday well spent.

We all look forward to the weekend to just chill and have some time doing the things you like away from the everyday stress. I wanted to make a post all about the things I like to do on Sundays. Here I featured only a few things I like but I’m going to talk about others too.

I’M WEARING  >> T-shirt : Marvel | Pants : LC Waikiki |

What I like to wear on these days is just simple cozy outfits that are very similar to pyjamas just so I feel comfortable. And to be honest I know a lot of people who like to wear pyjamas on Sunday all day long but I don’t feel very good on them. So I usually wear these harem pants that are very comfortable and just perfect for days like this. I paired them with this loose fitted top that I really like not just because that amazing Capitan America logo but also because it is soft and very comfortable. I always like to get my hair out of my face and I usually braid them.

I really like to leaf through the pages of my magazines and catalogs to get inspiration for blog posts. I think this is one of my favourite things I do since I really love fashion and this just gives me that Sunday peace. I then write those ideas in my notebook so I can remember them easily. I flipped through my favourite magazine Vogue and my Mango and Parfois catalogue.

Another thing I love to do is making a smoothie. I love smoothies, they make me feel fresher and better, and also they are very easy to make. This one I made with a frozen banana, added a small apple and some strawberries with a little bit of milk. I can’t wait for summer fruits to make amazing summer smoothies.

Something else I love doing is listening to music. I really like listening to vinyl because I love the sort of grainy sound that comes from it. I also get really inspired and relaxed just sitting there while listening to my favourite songs. This time I was listening to this amazing Pink Floyd album. Aren’t they all amazing though?

I really love spending time with my family on Sundays, but I also love being lost in my own world while reading, and simply shutting everything down. Currently I’m reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I like the book but I can’t say it’s my favourite…

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