From sunrise to sunset.

After a long week of school and work my family and I went to the beautiful city of Prizren to have a family day and to spend time and have fun together, of course. Since it is officially spring now and the weather was amazing I wanted to wear something very simple and at the same time something that looks good. The city looked amazing and we finally had some lovely, warm, sunshine hours. Which almost by default means that the sunset will be beautiful, which it was.


I’m wearing >> Shorts : Mango | Blouse : Zara | Blazer : Pull&Bear | Shoes : Vagabond |

I always loved Mango and all the clothes they have, so I can say that it is one of my favourite stores. I fell in love with these shorts the minute I saw them. I really liked everything, this amazing pattern, the zipper, the length, and did I mention the little zipper in the front? Also above all they are very comfortable.

I styled it with a simple black loose top that everyone should own. One in black is a must, since I really think you can wear it with everything. Can’t think of a top for your lovely skirt? Your shorts? Jeans? Any of those can look just splendid with the one, the only, loose top in black.

I wore this blazer that I have had for some time now but I really love the shape and length and also how it looks with this outfit. At first I wore the shorts and the blouse alone but I knew that something was missing and when I wore the blazer I just thought it put everything together.

And of course I wore the most comfortable shoes I own. One thing I can tell you is that you just can’t go wrong with these or any other Vagabond shoes! EVER!

Thank you for your time and scrolling.





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