Shades of blue.


Lately it’s beginning to look a lot more like spring. It was always a bit of a struggle to find places to take pictures in the city I live. But this week I found this spot that most accurately matches my clothes.






IMG_1131IMG_1162I’m wearing: Dungarees : Pimkie | Shirt : Waikiki | Sunglasses : Six | Shoes : Vagabond | Bag : Parfois |

I wore these amazing dungarees that I love but every time I wanted to wear them I did not know the right thing to pair them with. Even though I did not like ripped jeans that much, the moment I saw these I fell in love with them and for a little while I wore almost nothing else, so I usually paired them with simple tops. They are very comfortable and the fit is also great.

A new Waikiki store opened in the centre of our city and my sister got this amazing loose fitted shirt that I really liked. When I wore this shirt with the dungarees I was crazy about how well they looked together. I love the pattern of the shirt very much and also the fabric is amazing. The floral pattern feels a bit Japanese to me.

One of my favourite things lately have been pattern socks with my tennis shoes. I love the way they look together and also I love rolling the jeans up to show the pattern. With this outfit I chose red socks with a heart pattern to bring a bit of a pop of colour to the blue outfit and I ended up really falling for it.

I know you saw a lot of these shoes lately but I really love them and I actually do wear them nearly often. I also got my black leather bag and the amazing transparent-rimmed sunglasses that I love.


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