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Hey guys

One day as I was going through my closet to find something to wear I found this amazing dress I forgot all about. When I was just a little girl I remember my sister wearing this dress and being a very tiny and petite person I counted the days until this dress would fit me.

IMG_1362IMG_1367IMG_1372IMG_1373IMG_1383IMG_1394IMG_1400IMG_1405IMG_1425IMG_1429IMG_1399IMG_1425IMG_1432IMG_1441IMG_1452                        I’m wearing : Dress : Vintage | Shoes : Vagabond |  Bag : Poland |

When I found it I tried it on and I absolutely loved it. Then I immediately started coming up with ideas how to style it. Since for the moment we have very warm spring days I loved wearing a dress but I did not dare to go out with bare legs… Not yet. So I wore them with these black tights and I really liked how they looked. The history of this dress is very long and important to me. My mother bought this dress when she was my age. She loved this dress and wore it a lot so she saved it for the future and here it is. Also let’s just appreciate those little details and the amazing huge pockets.

Of course I wore my favourite tennis shoes which are also the most comfortable shoes. I love these and you would know that if you read my blog because I wear them nearly in every post.

One thing I love and I think that puts this whole outfit together is the bracelet. I love the details in it a lot. I don’t usually wear bracelets but I really liked this one and with this outfit just looks amazing.

And also the love for tote bags continuous as you can see. I own a lot of them and I love this Chopin one, and being a huge piano lover, means a lot to me, and I just think it really goes with this outfit.


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