On the rooftop, under the sky: I

First of all, sorry for not posting on Monday, but I hope it was worth the wait.
I’wearing : Skirt – Poland | Shirt – Mango| Bag – David Jones | Shoes – Vagabond |  Hairclip- Parfois|

I always wanted to go to a fashion show but never could since they are all with invitations and stuff. Finally that dream came true! (Kind of). Me and my best friend (who is also a blogger) went to the MHK fashion show/performance. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it very much. I really liked some of the dresses there and also I liked how we could look at the dresses from different angles, unlike other fashion shows.

At first I had no idea what to wear and as I was checking in my closet, I rediscovered this amazing skirt my sister bought for me as a gift when she was in Poland. I really like the patterns and also given the fact that it is kind of a bodycon skirt, it is very comfortable.
The other part of the outfit I kept very simple. I wore a simple black shirt that I really like and it looks good with everything you wear.

When I put this outfit together I really needed something to wear like a jacket. But nothing looking more chic and more put together than this simple black blazer that I adore and saves my (outfit’s) life more often than not.

As for the shoes,, I wanted something I don’t wear every day since I don’t feel comfortable wearing them at school, for example. I chose these lovely platform Mary Janes that you have seen before. Even though they have quite the platform they are very comfortable and very easy to walk with.

This is all about my outfit this time! If you want to check out my friend’s outfit, more pictures of us, and what she thought about the performance, go over to crescentandblue.com  

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