Clash of colours

Just when we thought summer was here, the weather changed to very gloomy and rainy. Not that I don’t like that, but it was just unexpected. I really love rainy days. I like the cold it brings or just going in a caffe for tea and read a book and just enjoy the sound the rain makes.
I’m wearing : Trench Coat – Collezione | Shirt – LC Waikiki | Jeans – Bershka | Shoes : Vagabond

One thing I really liked when the weather changed was that I could wear this trench coat. One day I was on Pinterest and I saw ways to style a trench coat, and I really liked pairing it with light denim jeans and stripy t-shirts. I really loved that look and wanted to add a personal twist as well, so I wore these red patterned socks.

Another thing I love about trench coats is that I love the belt around the waist. One thing I learned from Pinterest as well was that you should always tie your trench and never buckle it. I don’t have a buckle but I do agree with you, Pinterest pinners! Not quite Burberry, but we’re getting there… hopefully.


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