Octopus’s Garden


Everybody has that comfortable outfit that they like to wear from time to time when the mood strikes zero. So when I am stuck, and have no idea what to wear, this is my go-to outfit. I just love over-sized band t-shirts with jeans, and if it’s a bit colder and need a jacket, I just wear a simple, neutral coloured blazer. This is the most comfortable outfit ever when you have to get ready quickly, and also it does look good every time, right?
My favourite band t-shirts are The Beatles, many of which can be found in my closet. I love The Beatles and their music, so why not? Also one thing I find more comfortable with this outfit is to have a cross body bag. Even though this bag does not show it, on a day like this it can fit all the things you want.

e. ❤

P.S. Comment your favourite bands down below, your favourite songs, because I would just love to listen to them!








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