Wearing: Dress : Shpresa Berisha (inspired by Valentino) | Bag : Zara | Crown : Parfois|
Make-up : a lovely friend who is the best make-up artist ever (actually an architect)

Hey guys.

As you may know I always loved Valentino dresses and every detail that they have. So as prom was coming up I wanted something special. I was searching for dresses, and I saw this amazing Valentino one.

Obviously since I couldn’t buy this dress (incredibly expensive, of course, though I’d have loved to) the thing I could do was make it from scratch. Not myself, of course, because I don’t have the skill, but I had a seamstress make it for me, and it was just my luck that she is an incredibly detail-oriented person, so when I saw the finished look, I loved it even more than in the beginning. Since prom is quite fancy here, I wore heels and a clutch bag.

As for my hair I loved that the Valentino models had a crown and that looked amazing, so I found this Roman-looking leaf one in Parfois that fit perfectly with the whole look. Fun evening!


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