Happy Blogday!

It’s a very special occasion today. That’s why I decided that this week’s post was going to be on a Thursday. It’s officially Hints of Indigos first birthday, and I started on a Thursday! I know, the year went by too fast and this whole journey was amazing and very much fun. And today’s post is as just as special as the birthday. This was my first collaboration with one of my favourite fashion designers in Prishtina, Krenare Rugova. I know, crazy, right? The day I received a message from Brigitte Hamadey, this absolutely amazing photographer, I was over the moon, so exited, and loved the idea of this editorial. On my way to the photo shoot the only thing I was thinking was how surreal all of this was. The garments were beautiful, and one thing which was an absolute plus, they were amazingly comfortable. The whole day went by so quickly and the photos turned out amazing. As crazy as that sounds, there are even more amazing ones to come. So expect more posts from this shoot!

What I’ve learnt this far is that you have to believe in what you want to achieve, and see the future goal clearly, yet not forgetting to be grateful for every step of the way. It does not matter what you wear, what you look like, whether you apply mascara in the morning or not, because that plays a small part in feeling good. Loving  something, that’s the trick. If you do, know that you will always feel your best.

I want to thank all of you who have been with me in this virtual journey, keeping up with my rants, and I also want to say how grateful I am to be sharing a little part of my life with different people.
I would like to thank both Brigitte and Krenare (yes, again, because you’re both such lovely ladies) for this amazing opportunity, and I hope to work with both of them in the future.


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