In the woods somewhere.


Hey everyone!

This week I thought I’d make a post about a simpler, more casual outfit. About a week ago the weather changed and it was quite cold. So I wore a pair of jeans that I actually missed and a simple more bohemian blouse. I love wearing simple outfits like this one since it just makes me feel better and more me. I decided to take the pictures in the park since I really miss going there and it reminds me my childhood and the school trips we took there.

Obviously I’m wearing my favourite shoes that are the best thing ever and go with every outfit literally. This outfit would look good and could work for a festival or a concert, just wearing the right accessories or paring the blouse with shorts that would look good as well.

And isn’t a watch just the best accessory? This Swatch of mine is one of the things I’ve loved for some time now. The design is really something, especially since it floats. (*ahem* Wingardium leviosa!)

Hope you enjoyed this, and see you soon!


IMG_4132IMG_4137IMG_4141IMG_4149IMG_4152IMG_4189I’m wearing : Blouse – LC Waikiki | Jeans – Zara | Shoes – Vagabond | Watch – Swatch

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