Down by the Seaside

Hello guys!

I was on a vacation on the beautiful shore of Albania for the past 2 weeks. The city was wonderful and so was the view, which is what made shoot a couple of posts there. This one is about my favourite swimsuit right now. I’ve had it for a couple of years now but I’ve never worn it until now. It is super comfortable and very cute. What I especially love about this swimsuit is that the top is longer than usual, and I find that quite nice because it’s form fitting and different, but still fashionable. Even though the swimsuit is pink, I absolutely love the shade of the colour and the pattern too.


IMG_4396IMG_4403IMG_4406IMG_4407IMG_4411IMG_4418IMG_4427IMG_4429IMG_4439IMG_4443I’m Wearing: Swimsuit – Speedo | Shorts – LCWaikiki | Sunglasses – H&M

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