Love is in the details

Hello guys!

Thought I’d concentrate more in the details in this post. This is the last post from my vacation, sadly, but autumn is coming, which is also exciting. The thing I was mostly drawn into this trip were the little details of the place that made it all so beautiful. And it made me think that the details of an outfit make it look better, be it accessories or the detailing on the piece itself.
That is why I decided to make this post all about that. On one hand, the fabric itself, and on the other hand the accessories. So here we can all agree that lace-y things are very pretty exactly because there are so many little things about it, and I think it makes the top look even better. And then the earrings are another thing you can add to the whole look to give it more of a complete feeling.

All in all, what I want to say is that there are many little elementary things to everything that make a very lovely whole.


IMG_4515IMG_4489IMG_4494IMG_4505IMG_4512IMG_4506IMG_4507I’m Wearing : Tank Top – Stradivarius | Shorts – H&M | Earrings – Parfois

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