In time for patterns!

Hey guys!

2017 started very well for me. Quite a while back I randomly stumbled on this amazing Instagram account of an amazing designer from Prishtina. I loved everything she designed, every fabric and detail, so I found about Besë. One day I saw a picture she posted and decided to write to her just to tell her how much I love her work, yet never thought she would write back to me! I was very excited to meet her, and she turned out to be just as lovely as her work. She made me feel very comfortable talking to her for the first time (since usually I am very shy).

This amazing dress I wore I decided to wear with a simple black top underneath and since it was rather see-through, I wore a pair of black skinny jeans. I love this look! Such a perfect everyday look, which can turn into an evening look with a tiny twist. I also adore this blazer, the cut of it, the pattern, simply everything. I also really like how the two patterns go together, complementing one another. I probably used the word “love” enough already, but I really do love this outfit. I can’t wait to show you more from this collaboration so stay tuned for some more posts.

Now the one thing you should do is check out Besë on Instagram and Facebook for more!




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