Black & White.

Another outfit from my collaboration with the amazing Besë. This time I am wearing an amazing black and white plaid dress that really impressed me when I saw it first. I love this dress, it looks amazing on, but most importantly it is incredibly comfortable! The pattern reminds me of another dress I used to have that I loved (this one is better thought). The things I adore about this dress is the deep V-neck and that little black part that just makes everything better and is to die for.

I tried this dress with two jackets and still can’t decide which one looks better. This is the amazing thing about Besë clothes, they all go so well together! You can wear all the pieces with one another. The organza is amazing but we will talk more about that in the next post. The layers look lovely and so do the patterns, everything standing out in its own stunning way. I really like the kind of mesh material in the bottom of the vest, but to be honest my favourite part was the inside of the vest, the details. The never ending details. There’s some little thing to see everywhere you look, something that catches the eye, or has a different texture, or is a sculpture of its own, which is my favourite thing about Besë’s design, to be honest, making the whole outfit an experience in itself.

You might remember that in one of the recent posts I mentioned Termokiss, a beautiful concrete building in my city, the activities of which you can get to know in my post and on their facebook page. These photos here were taken inside where you can find a couple of murals here and there, and the space itself inspires everyone. You can see one of them on the background. So pretty, right? So I would very much like to thank Termokiss for letting me use their space for this photoshoot. You’re all such lovely people!


P.S. You can find my previous post here and stay tuned for the third and last post (hopefully just for now) with the same wonderful designer..


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