A Street-Style Romance

Hey guys!

This is going to be the last post from my collaboration with Besë (sad, I know). This was the outfit/photos/post that I liked most from this collaboration, so I saved it for last. When I was in her studio and she was showing me her creations, I fell in love with this organza piece. I really couldn’t stop thinking about ways to style it! It would make any look just that bit more chic.

I wore it with this amazing Besë skirt that is so comfortable and romantic. My goal was to make this outfit a bit more street style so you can wear it every day if you feel like it, so I wore a NASA t-shirt that just completed the look exactly the way I wanted. As for shoes, you can actually wear anything you like, from sneakers to boots, loafers, flats, high heels, you name it, and it would most probably look amazing. Also I really love how the leather gloves go with this look! What do you all think?

Once again I want to thank Besë for this amazing opportunity and I hope we can work together again in the future. Also special thanks go to Termokiss as well for letting me use their amazing place (with this other gigantic mural here that is so, so pretty).







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