Modernism Blues

After some time I finally got the pictures from the photoshoot I did with the amazing Krenare Rugova. Back when I had long hair. Wow, time does fly!

There is another post with pictures from this photoshoot but I seriously couldn’t wait to see these ones too. And wow, was it worth the wait! I am so happy I get to share these with you. This was my first collaboration with a designer and I loved every part of it.

We took the pictures an old Hotel in Prishtina that still has the feel of modernism. The garments and the rooms complemented each other so well. Everything is very surreal to me. I would like to thank the amazing Krenare Rugova and Briggite Hamadey for their work and the opportunity to work together, and also the other girls that made this experience even better.

P.S. To many more collaborations, ladies!

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