Double Denim and Puppies

Spring has sprung! So it’s time for the best time in the sun. Since the weather is amazing I couldn’t wait to start wearing dresses, skirts, and one of my favourite things denim. I have been loving denim button down skirts, graphic tees, and oversized jackets all of which I incorporated in one outfit that I adore.

So I am wearing a double denim outfit, a thing I have been doing a lot this spring. I feel like you should be careful with double denim since it can look bad sometimes but in my opinion as long as the denim pieces do not match exactly with each other, you should be fine. This oversized jacket has been my go-to so often now. I love the colour and the fit of it, so I’m obviously wearing it as often as possible.

I always loved bandanas but lately much more. I really think that this bandana just completes this outfit and adds the right amount of colour to it.

In this post we have a special appearance of the best looking puppy in town. This is Obi and he is just the cutest ever. And yes, I mean EVER ever. He really wanted to be on one of my posts (or the other way around, more likely, since I was dying to take photos with him). He also has an Instagram account that you should totally follow to brighten your day.

A special thank you goes to Diego, the most wonderful of wonderful artists, for letting me have Obi on this post.


P.S. Check out Diego’s work, and I’m going to say it again people, she is an amazing artist! She also has a blog.


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