Back Again!


Long time no see around here. Been away for a while posting at Twice The Dream, and then life got in the way even though I kept my mind on the blog. Missed blogging a lot lately but finally getting slowly back at it here.

For those of you who don’t know where I have been for the past year or so, here is the short story. I was a part of another blog that I started with a friend of mine. Living that experience and sharing Twice The Dream with her was an amazing adventure from which I learned a lot. We always had so much fun shooting and had amazing collaborations with a lot of lovely talented people.

As sad as I am that it had to come to an end, we have to accept that ending for even the best of experiences.

Now let’s get into what I decided to wear for this re-introductory post. Lately I have been in love with culottes, I find them amazing and so easy to style from the simple pant and t-shirt to a lot of different combos. In this post I wore them with different layers. First, a long and simple white shirt and then a very pretty mustard coloured jumper to add a bit of colour to what was is proving to be a long, tiring winter. As you can see I also wore the coolest coat I have to tie the outfit all together.

So glad being back writing and sharing ides with you guys. For more pictures and details for the outfit follow me on instagram @erzapallaska


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