Urban Ballet

Hey there,

As I was watching this year’s Fashion Weeks and I was following what bloggers were wearing, I was inspired by Chriselle Lim to bring out my white tights that made me feel like a ballerina (and I absolutely loved that). So I thought of combining those white tights with my favourite velvet dress. The whole look reminded me of a Valentino 2016 show with inspired by punk rock ballet, with my look being more ballet and a little bit less punk rock, but hey!

As some of you may know, velvet is one of my favourite fabrics and I just love anything that has velvet in it. Let’s just say that velvet can always get my attention. I love this dress and I thought the best way to pair it was with this white jumper. I also loved the idea of the tie of the dress being around my jumper that just made the look a little bit more like the Valentino show I mentioned earlier.


Chriselle Lim’s website – https://thechrisellefactor.com
Valentino’s 2016 show – https://www.vogue.com/article/valentino-fall-2016-fashion-show-news



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