Hints of Indigo x Anker Sahatçiu

Hey guys!

Coming this week with a very exiting collaboration. I was always a huge watch fan and since I was a kid i always asked my mom for watches. My first real watch I got for my 17th birthday and had it ever since. I was always a fan of this little corner shop on my town since that’s the place I got my first watch.

As I was passing by the same little corner shop I saw an amazing collection of very colourful watches that I instantly loved. So I though I’ll start saving up for one, even though they are quite affordable.

Some days passed by and I was asked to make this collaboration and it was just a dream come true. I felt like a real blogger and like someone who is trusted for something like this. It was very hard decided which one I want since the collection has suuch amazing and beautiful colours. As some times passed and I tried a couple of watches in the store decided to go for this blueish grey watch.

Then we immediately started to plan on how we are gonna take the pictures and then edit them and so on. I just loved every part of this photoshoot and collaboration I cant even explain.

If you live in Kosovo you should definitely check this shop in Prishtina or go check their instagram Anker Sahatçiu for some more content.




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