Radiant Rose x Anker by Sahatçiu

This end of the year brings another collaboration with the ever-lovely Anker by Sahatçiu!

A thing I have always loved, as you do, were watches. But honestly now, how many watches does a person get to own and wear in a year?! So you gotta pick ’em well, friends! See what works with the rest of your looks, what style is your go-to everyday choice that you stick by every time, what style you would use for a casual daytime outfit, for a night out, or for different day/evening events.

As you may have noticed from my last post, I tend to automatically go for the understated but bold minimal ones every time I get the chance, yet this time that has changed a little. When I saw this Michael Kors watch at Anker by Sahatçiu, it reeeeeally struck me! Even though it was something I would not usually go for, the more time I spent with it, the more I could see all the outfits this would totally put together, like wearing it with an all black look on your blazer sleeve because why on earth should you abide by old ways?!

The shine, the rose gold, and just the right amount of pavé-embellishment gives you the most amazing look. It’s a very easy-chic staple to your everyday casual wear, and since it is the holiday season, it would also be great to complete a fancier outfit. Looking at the photos in the end, I also thought that it would be a great gift to spoil someone for the holidays or for another life-event maybe?

So if you’re stuck on gifts and don’t know what to buy (since it is the so-called season of giving) you can always turn to Anker by Sahatçiu for an amazing collection on watches and jewelry to make the holidays just a little more special.

Seriously, check these guys out on facebook or instagram @ankersahatciu.







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