Hello, lovely people!

This week I’m here with a full white look. I’ve been wanting to do this kind of a photo-shoot forever now. I love shoots like this that involve a little bit of an unusual tone, and finally we ended up doing one that gives a feeling of pure light weather magic. To me, at least.

I wore this gorgeous top that I got as a gift from the designer, Perrí, one of her loveliest pieces. I really like it, knowing especially how you can wear it in very different ways. Here it is paired with a basic white tank top and white denim culottes.

My favourite part of this outfit are the ballet shoes. I always wanted to be a ballerina but life happened and I never actually did, so I received these ballet shoes as a gift and I could easily say that they are my favourite gift ever. So wearing these in this post made me feel just out-of-this-world, and gave me a feeling that they just pulled the look together. Sadly, though, it is not exactly common (and honestly, it’s not very practical, though I’d rather never admit it) to actually wear this kind of pointe shoes outside. Ah, well… Gotta leave this for another life with another ballerina dream.


P.S. Check out my Instagram to see where all my pieces are from.


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