Hi there.

I’m back with another post, with a little more up close detail shots.

With an end to the strict lockdown, I keep noticing on the daily that people are happy to be able to walk around a little more freely, but looking closer, I see that many, if not most, feel quite vulnerable after that period. So I really wanted to try to show this softer part of me, a more emotional side on this post and photoshoot. It has been a hard couple of months for everyone and I felt like portraying it somehow.

I did not post for a while since I started overthinking everything I have done. And to be honest, to whoever is reading this, I ended up being quite hard on myself. I felt uninspired and could not make myself think of new stuff to do.

I really love blogging and dressing up and write posts for the people who like to read them, especially show people that you can look good on a budget and while reusing clothes and being more sustainable. That is why I started in the first place but it started feeling like I was doing it for myself and no one cared no matter how much time and effort we put on these posts. I even considered stopping, but to be honest, after a lot of though, I realized that I really find a big blooming of happiness in doing this.

So I started to think about it more positively and after talking to a couple of important people I decided that as long as someone enjoyed it, and so long as what I do helps in lifting the mood a little or gives someone a good idea, that’s what mattered.

So here I am again, doing the thing I love the most, really hoping you enjoy this even though it wasn’t fashion related. Okay, the look works well for a nice summer day somewhere beautiful.

As an advice from me to you, don’t stop doing what you love. At some point it is going to be appreciated and loved in return.


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