Hey everyone!

It was my 22nd birthday last month and since we were in quarantine, I decided to make a post on one of my most favourite gifts I received: this gorgeous pearl top. This top has been on my wish-list for so long and when I opened the package and saw this I was speechless. What’s even more important to me is that is was handmade by a small local shop, making the whole experience so much more important and unique. If you love this as much as me, you can check out her amazing work over on Instagram Oyster accessories for some amazing pearly pieces that will take your breath away!

Immediately I started thinking on ways to style and wear it and could not wait even a second before we started taking pictures. These pictures where taken on my birthday when my sister also surprised me with these beautiful and very aesthetic balloons, every colour just matched together so breathlessly, we started taking pictures that very second. I ended up LOVING them.

Hope you enjoyed this and tell me in the comments below if you would want to see more ways on how to style this top.


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