The incredible DHÉ

Hey guys!

During lockdown I wanted to do something to give small local businesses some well-deserved applause and support, so I started making some Instagram stories and blog posts about the local businesses that I love. So on here I’m starting with DHÉ which is a small business that makes handmade goods with a very minimal and gorgeous traditional twist. The meaning of the word itself, DHÉ means ground, soil, earth, which sounds ancient and lovely in our language, and fits the work beautifully in many ways.

Some products I own and have chosen to display are here, but there are a lot of others that I also gifted since I think this is an amazing way to support the business and also makes an amazing gift. DHÉ has a so many amazing products! From small Christmas tree decorations to small to large jewellery holders, coasters, plates and also make up bags in many different shapes and patterns. The fabrics and colours are incredibly well chosen and just make me want to decorate my whole house in lovely, warm little pieces!

The creator and founder of this small business is a lovely lady that deserve all the love and appreciation for expressing her talent so beautifully and making our lives and homes that much cozier, so make sure to check her instagram and facebook accounts where you can make direct orders too.

I would love to have all of the things she sells and there will come a time when I will have at least one of everything, haha.

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