Handbags: Lemonade to Whiskey Sour

Hey guys!

Let me tell you, I have always been a huge bag fan. They make an outfit and they really make it go from one style to another very easily. So I wanted to do a couple of posts about how you can have one outfit and change very small items to turn it into an evening look.

So I wore a simple black dress and tried transforming the look. This yellow bag was perfect for a summer day’s look, though mostly spent inside, but it helps to make a look for the little time we spend outside. The bag is great and really spacious, the colour so perfect and it just tied the look together.

As for the evening look, I kept the same dress but changed to a sheer, kinda holographic top under it instead of the white, these chunky sandals and a black cross-body bag. I wanted to go for darker colours, and the bag matched perfectly, just a small bag to fit only the essential items you need for a night out.

These bags are amazing and really well priced. To find the best quality dupes go and check out Premium Bag Shop, and wait for my next post very soon on another look centred around cute handbags!



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