Soft Blue

Hi there!

Ever since I started growing my hair again I’ve been in love with scrunchies. I have been obsessed with these huge ones, in so many different colours and patterns and fabrics and I love how they complete an outfit.

These ones here are the beautiful creations of Jora Slishani, who is an amazing fashion designer that started doing these gorgeous scrunchies. Her creations are beyond beautiful, and I loved being able to have these in my collection which will probably grow in the future.

Here you can see a solid coloured red scrunchie and another one with two colours, a soft, peachy pink and a creamy white that is really unique. Even though they’re big, they are very comfortable on your hair.

Make sure to check her profile and go through her amazing hair accessories and gorgeous dresses that I’m simply in love with.

P.S. There’s more of these coming soon.

Handbags: Soft Serve to chilled Rosé


I’m here on this sunny Thursday with another post full of my love for bags, and this time I’ve got these two oh-so-beautiful and trendy ones. First as a day-look, I chose to style this dupe Prada shoulder bag that has great quality and I just love the colour. This is a very on-trend outfit, and I really love how it all came together. These white shorts were all I could dream for a while and they are so versatile, pairing so well with everything you choose to wear. I styled them with this scarf top and my white sneakers.

You can easily change this look for day to night, just like the previous one (click to check the link). In this easy transformation, I just put on some heels and changed the bag. I thought this looked great with the hair pulled back and with a bold red lip, so you add a chic look to the night out. The bag was everything I dreamed of! I have been seeing this bag everywhere and I really wanted it, but with it being so expensive, I think I have found the best quality dupe for it. It’s big enough and has a lot of space, and just my favourite.

Just like in my last post, if you want the best quality dupes, go to Premium Bag Shop to find them at a great price.


Handbags: Lemonade to Whiskey Sour

Hey guys!

Let me tell you, I have always been a huge bag fan. They make an outfit and they really make it go from one style to another very easily. So I wanted to do a couple of posts about how you can have one outfit and change very small items to turn it into an evening look.

So I wore a simple black dress and tried transforming the look. This yellow bag was perfect for a summer day’s look, though mostly spent inside, but it helps to make a look for the little time we spend outside. The bag is great and really spacious, the colour so perfect and it just tied the look together.

As for the evening look, I kept the same dress but changed to a sheer, kinda holographic top under it instead of the white, these chunky sandals and a black cross-body bag. I wanted to go for darker colours, and the bag matched perfectly, just a small bag to fit only the essential items you need for a night out.

These bags are amazing and really well priced. To find the best quality dupes go and check out Premium Bag Shop, and wait for my next post very soon on another look centred around cute handbags!


The incredible DHÉ

Hey guys!

During lockdown I wanted to do something to give small local businesses some well-deserved applause and support, so I started making some Instagram stories and blog posts about the local businesses that I love. So on here I’m starting with DHÉ which is a small business that makes handmade goods with a very minimal and gorgeous traditional twist. The meaning of the word itself, DHÉ means ground, soil, earth, which sounds ancient and lovely in our language, and fits the work beautifully in many ways.

Some products I own and have chosen to display are here, but there are a lot of others that I also gifted since I think this is an amazing way to support the business and also makes an amazing gift. DHÉ has a so many amazing products! From small Christmas tree decorations to small to large jewellery holders, coasters, plates and also make up bags in many different shapes and patterns. The fabrics and colours are incredibly well chosen and just make me want to decorate my whole house in lovely, warm little pieces!

The creator and founder of this small business is a lovely lady that deserve all the love and appreciation for expressing her talent so beautifully and making our lives and homes that much cozier, so make sure to check her instagram and facebook accounts where you can make direct orders too.

I would love to have all of the things she sells and there will come a time when I will have at least one of everything, haha.


Hey everyone!

It was my 22nd birthday last month and since we were in quarantine, I decided to make a post on one of my most favourite gifts I received: this gorgeous pearl top. This top has been on my wish-list for so long and when I opened the package and saw this I was speechless. What’s even more important to me is that is was handmade by a small local shop, making the whole experience so much more important and unique. If you love this as much as me, you can check out her amazing work over on Instagram Oyster accessories for some amazing pearly pieces that will take your breath away!

Immediately I started thinking on ways to style and wear it and could not wait even a second before we started taking pictures. These pictures where taken on my birthday when my sister also surprised me with these beautiful and very aesthetic balloons, every colour just matched together so breathlessly, we started taking pictures that very second. I ended up LOVING them.

Hope you enjoyed this and tell me in the comments below if you would want to see more ways on how to style this top.