Hi there.

I’m back with another post, with a little more up close detail shots.

With an end to the strict lockdown, I keep noticing on the daily that people are happy to be able to walk around a little more freely, but looking closer, I see that many, if not most, feel quite vulnerable after that period. So I really wanted to try to show this softer part of me, a more emotional side on this post and photoshoot. It has been a hard couple of months for everyone and I felt like portraying it somehow.

I did not post for a while since I started overthinking everything I have done. And to be honest, to whoever is reading this, I ended up being quite hard on myself. I felt uninspired and could not make myself think of new stuff to do.

I really love blogging and dressing up and write posts for the people who like to read them, especially show people that you can look good on a budget and while reusing clothes and being more sustainable. That is why I started in the first place but it started feeling like I was doing it for myself and no one cared no matter how much time and effort we put on these posts. I even considered stopping, but to be honest, after a lot of though, I realized that I really find a big blooming of happiness in doing this.

So I started to think about it more positively and after talking to a couple of important people I decided that as long as someone enjoyed it, and so long as what I do helps in lifting the mood a little or gives someone a good idea, that’s what mattered.

So here I am again, doing the thing I love the most, really hoping you enjoy this even though it wasn’t fashion related. Okay, the look works well for a nice summer day somewhere beautiful.

As an advice from me to you, don’t stop doing what you love. At some point it is going to be appreciated and loved in return.


Image of a girl in black.

Hi there!

For this post we did something we wanted to do for quite a while now. We decided to make a post with mirrors. I did not know how much of a struggle it would be, but oh my god, there were a lot of things we needed to be aware of in the meantime and being inside a room had it’s own struggles. I was almost completely unaware of what the photographer was capturing since the camera was not directed towards me but I still had to know how to post so it looked good reflected??? “Move your hand a little to the right” gave me all sorts of confusions. Which right? Mine or mine but mirrored?!

Anyway, it was all worth it in the end, the results were mind-blowing to me. I really love how it turned out and all thanks to my amazing photographer.

I wanted to show an outfit I really like and can’t wait to wear outside as soon as we are out of the quarantine. It is very simple and can go from day to night with a few simple steps. Some of my favourite things to wear are jeans and crop tops but I always want to try new ways to spice any look up.  Here I wore a pair of black and white jeans and a black top for a more monochromatic look since the setting kind of led me that way. I’d wear this during the day with a pair of sneakers and a belt-bag, and a blazer and maybe black ankle boots for the evening.

But what I really loved and thought it made the look are the dark lips and the blazer. It really shifts the whole thing to a more night-out kind of look and I just adore the feeling.

Tell me how you like the outfit and the photos, and what you would change to fit your style!

Lots of socially distant hugs,



One Dress: Four Ways

Hey guys!

Decided to try something a little bit different. I had planed something like this for so long now. I thought since I really enjoy videos and blog posts where bloggers show how to style one piece in more than just one way. In my opinion, this is a very good thing to do, making one outfit appropriate for different occasions, so since I have this cute black dress, I tried to see what I can do to wear it in four different ways.

First, I  just paired it with a simple black turtleneck and a pair of combat boots for a more day-to-day look. I really like this and you can wear it in different day events or work or even go to school, be it early spring or late autumn when the weather is just a little bit more chilly.

For the second look, I think this one is just a little more elevated and you could wear it on spring days and evenings, or daytime events in an open place like gardens or terrace or something like that. Something as simple as just tying the jumper on your shoulders lifts the look so much. When worn with knee-high boots it just looks amazing!



The third way is a very simple look. It still does a great job in turning your dress into a skirt! I love doing this, it just looks all different, like having two different pieces of a pattern, print, or fabric that you love. I paired it with a pair of sneakers for a street-style kind of look, and it would look amazing with a cross-body bag or a leather belt-bag. Just make sure to belt the jumper for a more cropped look, and also to show your waist for a more defined figure. Looks good with almost no exceptions!


And last but not least, this one I really love! For a fancier look that can’t go wrong in the evening or an event, I just belted a blazer on top of the dress and paired it with a pair of high heeled ankle boots. I found that turning up the collar and rolling the blazers sleeves up just gives a much edgier look, which I’m guilty of going for every time I can. It is a good combination and feels pretty good!

I’d love to see everyone’s take on this kind of styling, so tell me if you try it!

Lots of socially distant hugs,




Delicious Coffee Time

Hi everyone,

As we been going through this time, one thing that is helping me most is coffee. I have always loved coffee and since going on TIKTOK, where I saw this very tasty-looking one, i thought I’d try making it.

It is very easy and delicious, quite like a small dessert.


What you want to do is have instant coffee. Depends how many cups of coffee you want to make, add equal amounts of coffee and sugar, 1 teaspoon of coffee per person. Here I made two, so I added two spoons of coffee and sugar to taste, which can also be replaced with vanilla sugar if you like the added lovely aroma.

Then to that you just add 2 tablespoons of warm water and then whisk. I found that warm water is way better than cold since it really helps with dissolving the coffee better, since cold brew takes more time. I used an electric whisker for a quicker way. because it also ends up having a thicker consistency for a shorter time. Whisking by hand is great, but it takes quite some time to reach the desired step.


Next add some ice and pour whatever type of milk you like.


Finally, just pour the foamy coffee (which smells amazing, by the way!) in the glasses and there you go.


I added some crushed coffee grounds on top and cinnamon for an added taste. You can add any spice you like, and make it fit any mood you’re up for.

I’m planning to try to make it with warm milk and see how that works for a warm drink, but the weather is improving, so I’d rather have iced coffee for now and enjoy it along with some much- needed sunshine.



Ingredients // for 1 cup:

  • 1 teaspoon coffee
  • sugar to taste
  • 1 tablespoon of warm water (I find warm water works better with dissolving the coffee since cold brew takes more time)
  • ice cubes
  • milk (whichever kind you prefer)
  • spices to taste (I added cinnamon)


Whisk coffee, sugar, and water well by hand or with an electric mixer until foamy.
Pour milk into the glass, add the ice cubes, and then add spoonfuls of the coffee foam on top of the milk. It will stay afloat and not mix in the beginning.

Finally, add whichever spice you prefer on top, take a picture (because how can you not, it’s so pretty), and then stir and enjoy!


Let’s make these days as enjoyable as possible, and if that’s a cup of coffee that takes a little effort and you haven’t tried before, than just do it! Who knows, I might try another one soon…

Lots of love,

Skin Care Sunday – My routine

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d hop out of the fashion train for a bit and give you something a little different. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you my skin care routine, and maybe help you find new products or just see how I do it. Before I start I always put my hair up and get the out of my face. I use these amazing scrunchies by an amazing fashion designer here in Prishtina. These are the Jora Slishani scrunchies and you cant find better ones. They are so unique and amazing for any hair type.

So every night when I do my skincare this is what I use. I always start with Garnier Micellar Water. I use it on bare skin and if I have make up on, it’s great as a make up remover. What I do is I just put it in a cotton pad and gently rub my face. It really takes everything off, and it’s light and smooth too!

After that I use the Isana Foam Cleanser with cucumber and aloe vera, and just put one pump on my hand and spread it around my face whilst gently massaging it. This is more for just getting rid of the make up that we did not manage to remove on our first step, and cleaning the skin more thoroughly while also calming it down. After using this, I wash my face with warm water and then gently pat it dry with a very soft towel.

So this next product I don’t use every day. I use it more like two times a week, depending on how the skin of my face feels. This is the Garnier Pure Active 3in1, and it’s amazing since it is a face mask, a face wash, and a scrub. It is really good for my skin since I have quite an oily skin, so it helps with getting off the unnecessary oils and keeping it on track. I mostly use it as a scrub, just putting it on my fingers and gently massaging my face for a couple of minutes. But on my more oily skin days I use it as a mask and it just does its magic beautifully!

After I wash my face from the scrub/mask, I always (and this is a crucial step!), use moisturizer. I think this is an amazing one since it is the Nivea Soft moisturizer, which is very refreshing and soft and just keep my face just hydrated enough all night. It has jojoba oil and Vitamin E, which are both pretty essential for the face. I always remind myself to put the moisturizer on my neck too, since the neck tends to be forgotten so often.

The last step I do is the amazing, the incredible Tee Tree Essential Oil I use. It has changed everything for me! And I mean everything! Whenever I have pimples, or a spot that i feel coming I just put this on and rub it lightly on the spot and while I sleep it does it’s magic. It does need a couple of nights to completely remove it, but it really works wonders for me, and I always highly recommend it. You might not love the scent, but it’s magic nonetheless!

And lastly, a very important step is lip balms. I really need to do this since my lips tend to get very dry. Both of these transparent balms are amazing and they really last a long time (they smell amazing too, which is always an extra point).

IMG_1129As for the first extra part for this post, I have face masks that I use sometime. Of course, when I don’t use feel like using the Garnier Pure Active and take a break from it. I use sheet masks or peel-off masks from different brands, either Isana or Garnier, since they are very soft and nice, but also quite affordable.

And a second extra part is this trio or recommended creams my photographer uses, the L’Oreal Hyaluron Specialist face creams for ages 25+. You can get the day cream, night cream, and eye cream. She really likes them and most importantly she loves the way they feel on the skin (super soft and spreadable!) and the Hyaluron Specialist effect takes action super quickly. One thing I can say about these products is that they smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

The best thing is you can get all of these in Prishtina, specifically in Bliss Cosmetics and Rossman Kosova. I will tag each specific product on instagram @erzapallaska.

I hope you enjoyed the skin care routine!

Stay safe and stay inside,