How to (not) wash shoes 101

Hi guys!

I wanted to post these photos I took a few months back as a part of a competition for a brand. Even though I did not win, it was a cool experience to come up with an idea to take a creative picture with the shoes that the shop sells, and since me and my sisters have quite a lot of them (ahem, almost embarrassing to admit) we decided to incorporate most of them (yes, we have more).

So we really got invested in this and decided to do it in the kitchen, since we were still on lockdown) and fill the dishwasher with the shoes. No matter the outcome, I really enjoyed taking these pictures and thought it would be nice to share here.


The incredible DHÉ

Hey guys!

During lockdown I wanted to do something to give small local businesses some well-deserved applause and support, so I started making some Instagram stories and blog posts about the local businesses that I love. So on here I’m starting with DHÉ which is a small business that makes handmade goods with a very minimal and gorgeous traditional twist. The meaning of the word itself, DHÉ means ground, soil, earth, which sounds ancient and lovely in our language, and fits the work beautifully in many ways.

Some products I own and have chosen to display are here, but there are a lot of others that I also gifted since I think this is an amazing way to support the business and also makes an amazing gift. DHÉ has a so many amazing products! From small Christmas tree decorations to small to large jewellery holders, coasters, plates and also make up bags in many different shapes and patterns. The fabrics and colours are incredibly well chosen and just make me want to decorate my whole house in lovely, warm little pieces!

The creator and founder of this small business is a lovely lady that deserve all the love and appreciation for expressing her talent so beautifully and making our lives and homes that much cozier, so make sure to check her instagram and facebook accounts where you can make direct orders too.

I would love to have all of the things she sells and there will come a time when I will have at least one of everything, haha.

Image of a girl in black.

Hi there!

For this post we did something we wanted to do for quite a while now. We decided to make a post with mirrors. I did not know how much of a struggle it would be, but oh my god, there were a lot of things we needed to be aware of in the meantime and being inside a room had it’s own struggles. I was almost completely unaware of what the photographer was capturing since the camera was not directed towards me but I still had to know how to post so it looked good reflected??? “Move your hand a little to the right” gave me all sorts of confusions. Which right? Mine or mine but mirrored?!

Anyway, it was all worth it in the end, the results were mind-blowing to me. I really love how it turned out and all thanks to my amazing photographer.

I wanted to show an outfit I really like and can’t wait to wear outside as soon as we are out of the quarantine. It is very simple and can go from day to night with a few simple steps. Some of my favourite things to wear are jeans and crop tops but I always want to try new ways to spice any look up.  Here I wore a pair of black and white jeans and a black top for a more monochromatic look since the setting kind of led me that way. I’d wear this during the day with a pair of sneakers and a belt-bag, and a blazer and maybe black ankle boots for the evening.

But what I really loved and thought it made the look are the dark lips and the blazer. It really shifts the whole thing to a more night-out kind of look and I just adore the feeling.

Tell me how you like the outfit and the photos, and what you would change to fit your style!

Lots of socially distant hugs,



One Dress: Four Ways

Hey guys!

Decided to try something a little bit different. I had planed something like this for so long now. I thought since I really enjoy videos and blog posts where bloggers show how to style one piece in more than just one way. In my opinion, this is a very good thing to do, making one outfit appropriate for different occasions, so since I have this cute black dress, I tried to see what I can do to wear it in four different ways.

First, I  just paired it with a simple black turtleneck and a pair of combat boots for a more day-to-day look. I really like this and you can wear it in different day events or work or even go to school, be it early spring or late autumn when the weather is just a little bit more chilly.

For the second look, I think this one is just a little more elevated and you could wear it on spring days and evenings, or daytime events in an open place like gardens or terrace or something like that. Something as simple as just tying the jumper on your shoulders lifts the look so much. When worn with knee-high boots it just looks amazing!



The third way is a very simple look. It still does a great job in turning your dress into a skirt! I love doing this, it just looks all different, like having two different pieces of a pattern, print, or fabric that you love. I paired it with a pair of sneakers for a street-style kind of look, and it would look amazing with a cross-body bag or a leather belt-bag. Just make sure to belt the jumper for a more cropped look, and also to show your waist for a more defined figure. Looks good with almost no exceptions!


And last but not least, this one I really love! For a fancier look that can’t go wrong in the evening or an event, I just belted a blazer on top of the dress and paired it with a pair of high heeled ankle boots. I found that turning up the collar and rolling the blazers sleeves up just gives a much edgier look, which I’m guilty of going for every time I can. It is a good combination and feels pretty good!

I’d love to see everyone’s take on this kind of styling, so tell me if you try it!

Lots of socially distant hugs,




Sundown Blues

Hi there.

Hope everyone is doing well in these globally difficult days. I know that staying in quarantine is quite hard, but it’s so important at the same time, so let’s all resist a little while longer so we make sure to be able to fully enjoy summer. In my attempt to make these days a little easier, I wanted to post something here. Trying to be as creative as the space allows (we have quite enough time, you know, so that’s no problem) and at the same time fight the boredom, we decided to take some pictures.

I’m lucky to have a photographer in quarantine with me, so we were able to make the best use of the sunny day. The sun was beautiful and we decided to use that to out advantage and take some pictures whilst inside the house. I wore a very simple outfit, a white shirt which is a basic piece everyone owns, and I paired it with a black crop top from Zara (which you can order online!). To make this more interesting, we played a little with the makeup, which is quite simple but feels very different for me since I am not used to it. So the black sheet and a good use of the sunshine made for a fun photoshoot.

Just reminding everyone to try to practice their hobbies as much as they can, and as creatively as they can. It can be done inside your homes too while we stay home, stay healthy, and help everyone in the world as much as we can.