A Pop of Orange


For today’s post I thought I’d show you what I wore for Halloween.

In our city it’s not that much of big deal, Halloween, but some people and cafes have parties and/or live music, so there’s that. Continue reading “A Pop of Orange”

Weekend Getaway

To end this summer vacation, my family and I decided to do something special, something we didn’t do this summer at all. We decided to go to the mountains. The landscape of the Rugova Mountains is incredibly beautiful. Continue reading “Weekend Getaway”

Prishtina’s First Flea Market


For today in Writing 101 we have a one word prompt. When I saw the word treasure it reminded me of all the amazing clothes that my mother owned and which I can now use. They are a very meaningful little treausures for me. Continue reading “Prishtina’s First Flea Market”